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Australian Broadcasting commission: Fair go for women's sport = equal and fulll length coverage, now!

Women's sport is as demanding, skillfull and brilliant to watch as men's - in my opinion more-so. The ABC had done wonderful work in building women's sport only to have it robbed from them by commercial challens when the audience has been built. So, we've lost the best coverage of Netball we had to commecial channels yet Netball is the biggest participation sport in the nation and there are many levels - if the ABC can't afford the Diamonds matches they could still suppor state competitons, etc. The ABC now support the WA League soccer but instead of a full game we get a 1hour edited package whilst the men get time before the match, time after and the full match shown, not to mention extensive commentary shows and new bulletins which often overlook the women's achievements altogether. This is as unfair as the disparity in wages for elite women athletes as compared with male athletes. I understand the difficulty in which parsimonious govrnments have placed our national broadcaster but let's fight back. ABC if you can't afford the top matches, at least opt for a focus on women's sport as your selling point and support it properly, full length, expert commentary and bios and supporting documentaries of women's achievements.

This is *perhaps* one of the last areas of significant discrimination against women - I'm not blaming the ABC but I am saying that they could do something about it and, very likely be rewarded with a really strong and supportive following - surely a mutually beneficial trade-off. Please review this ABC.

Letter to
Managing Director Mark Scott
Fair go for women's sport = equal and fulll length coverage, now!

We acknowledge the effort that the ABC has put into women't sport on tv. Your support of state netball competitions and then the Commonwealth Bank Trophy and such undoubtedly helped to improve the lot of our netballers and to give the teams the audience that they deserve. Unfortunately, as so often happens in our society, money wins out and after all the hardwork of the ABC, a commercial channel comes along and is able to take over an already successful format.

Having said that, I see no reason why womens' sport should be given second rate status. The televising of the W League at present is limited to one match a week which is cut down to a total progam length of only 60 minutes. At the same time, men's matches of all sorts get full time coverage + plus pre-match discussion, interval discussion, and after match commentary and discussion. In addition there are multiple sports shows focusing on games such as AFL and NFL as well as inclusion of their sport in almost every tv news. Quite the opposit is true of womens' sport.
This situation is inequitable and unfair. A look at the programming and number of repeats and such also shows that it is not for lack of space that womens sport is cut short.
We respectfully request that womens' sport is given its full due and equitable exposure with that of men. Womens' sport is just as demanding, often more-so, just as skilfull, just as exciting and stimulating and yet most of the women recieve only a fraction of the salaries of men and get little recognition.

We would like to see full lenght coverage of womens' sport on the ABC and. perhaps, the ABC taking the lead in providing a vehicle for the promotion of womens' sport which we feel would benefit both the sport and the ABC.

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