LIFT THE TRAVEL BAN and allow Aussies to travel on the condition of re-entry quarantine!

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In these uncertain times, one thing we know for sure is that the COVID-19 virus is not going away tomorrow.  With no definite timeline for achieving an affordable and safe vaccine and the real possibility that this may never be achieved, it is important that we find a sustainable, safe and humane standard of living while we establish our new normal.  This includes our ability to travel.  

We cannot allow this virus to defeat the human spirit and by banning travel, we are seeing heartbreaking instances on a daily basis of Australians who remain separated from loved ones, whose jobs and businesses are on hold, who are missing out on important life events, such as weddings, funerals and even missing a family member’s final breath and the chance to say goodbye.

Nobody is disputing that border closures were essential to contain the spread of COVID-19 and allow Australia time to put systems in place to protect Australians.  PM Scott Morrison has repeatedly announced that Australia's goal is to suppress rather than eradicate- and this has been achieved.  Australia has maintained a flattening of the curve despite easing restrictions in most areas.  The Government states that exemptions to travel can be made on compassionate or for essential reasons, however the reality is that the number of approved cases is small, MOST are rejected and thousands of Australians continue to be economically, emotionally and socially impacted as a result of being forcibly blocked from international travel.

It doesn’t need to be this way!

We are petitioning for an easing of travel restrictions, so that Australians be free to travel overseas at their own discretion on the condition that they submit to a 14 day (self funded) quarantine and must agree to COVID-19 testing upon return (if required).  

A user pays system would allow :

  • Australians to be reunited with family and friends
  • Australians the ability to travel for major lifetime events (ie Birth of a child, weddings etc) 
  • Sustainable Business Travel, essential to our economy
  • Medium to long term relocation / job placements /education

Additionally the system would provide relief to the struggling tourism and aviation industry!  There are airlines growing rust, hotels sitting empty... let's use them safely!

By enforcing self funded quarantine, the higher risk, short term and non essential travel, such as a long weekend to Bali, would be minimised on the basis of either the cost or time required for quarantine.  The system would allow Australians the ability to self manage the importance of the travel and enjoy the liberty of international travel without putting other Australians at risk.

At time of this petition, there are 2 "serious" cases within Australia which is tragic, but equally, the sacrifice of hundreds and thousands of others who remain indefinitely separated from loved ones and impacted in severe ways, is equally as heart-breaking.  

PLEASE SIGN if you believe Australians should be free to travel, so long as they don’t put the community at risk.