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17 September 2015 

We demand our original and true birth certificates as our identities, not false ones. 

As people affected by adoption, we want everyone to have their own original birth certificate, unaltered, not a false one.

Not many realise that adopted people have FALSE birth certificates. This is NOT necessary these days where illegitimacy is unremarkable and secrecy is no longer an issue. 

We support the right of ALL (including donor conceived people) to a true original birth certificate, unaltered, not a certificate of birth stating known falsehoods.


Every human being has the right to a true and correct record of their birth. Currently in Australia all adoptees have had that right violated.

To become 'adopted' the person's true and correct birth certificate is declared legally null and void. A new one is issued with genetic strangers falsely named as parents. The child's real identity and ancestry are forever wiped by legal decree as if they never existed.

The new legal, but fraudulent birth certificate is irrevocable and the adopted person and all their subsequent generations are bound by it. They have been legally severed from their true ancestry and bound to genetic strangers.

Historically, the continued requirement of adoption was that a child 'pay' for their care with their entire identity and history; a price no human being should pay for care as a child.

We demand equal rights to a true and correct birth certificate, and the basic human right to true family connections and ancestry.


We believe that in the best interest of the child, adoption should be abolished and instead of the proposed increases to adoption, a 'child-first' model should be developed that does not legally remove a child's identity, heritage and bloodline, and does not legally sever the child from its brothers, sisters, grandparents and extended family in the name of care.

We support a properly resourced child-first model:

* One that does not bounce the child around from foster home to foster home.

* One that does not separate siblings or discontinue support to the person when they turn 18 years of age.

* One that brings the child up in a safe, stable, long term home with a life-long support family.

* A model that does not try to influence a child to reject their own identity and history, but supports the child to be a part of its own family and the guardian's family.

* One that has comprehensive checks and balances - overseen and set out by a court of law.

We support the abolition of adoption (as if born to) in favour of:

1. Family Preservation (or reunification) first, or, if not possible,

2 Kinship care model guardianship to relatives or close family friends should be the prefered out of home care option

3. A child-first model as a last resort; stranger care and support in a long term, through to a lifetime, safe, secure, stable, support family under a Guardianship Order by the court.

Unlike adoption, this child-first model of care and protection treats the rights and care of the child as paramount.


Along with the call for the abolition of adoption, people who were adopted in the past and who are still forced to live as adoptees with false birth certificates should be able to choose adoption annulment if they wish to do so.

The adoption order that was made against these people as infants or children was done without their consent.
Like child-marriages, these orders have been made against society's most vulnerable by violating their basic human rights.
Being forced to remain in a legal relationship with genetic strangers and denied recognised family connections with their kin for themselves and their children continues to cause ongoing trauma and distress among adoptees.
Annulments should be for adopted persons only and easily available at no cost to the victims of past adoption, and without the further trauma of an investigation.

Professor Nahum Mushin "Righting Wrongs of a Dark Past"
"One must record the proposition that there is a lot of feeling out there with regard to the abolition of adoption...One must ask the question whether the whole concept of adoption has now become questionable..."

Professor Nahum Mushin ABC broadcast 04/06/2015
"We still need to have that national discussion about whether we should be doing [adoption] at all."


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