Name an Australia Zoo Crocodile 'Ben Gold'

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On the 18th - 19th of May, Battle Arena Melbourne 11 took place. This is an internationally recognised Fighting Game tournament where the best players from around Australia compete. 

The premiere title of this event is Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch which had approximately 340 entrants. During this competition, an amazing series of events took place which resulted in Benjamin Gold (AKA Mr. L) defying all odds and winning the tournament undefeated.

Ben is a Queensland native and the only one from the Sunshine State who managed to make a top 8 placing in this tournament. He defeated every player who was expected to win the tournament and brought home the gold for QLD. Here is a link to the final moments of the tournament. 

He also managed to do so playing as King K. Rool, a giant crocodile character who is widely considered not as strong as many of the other 73 characters in the game by much of the Smash Community. This is highlighted by the fact that nobody has ever managed to win a tournament of this magnitude using this character ever in the world before now. 

It is for this reason that we - the Australian smash community - would like to propose that a crocodile at your esteemed zoo be named after Ben Gold to commemorate this victory for Australia, Queensland and the crocodile community.

Please help us to make this dream a reality.