Australia to leave the United Nations

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To the Honourable President, and members of the Senate in parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

We, the undersigned, demand the Australian government to take immediate action to defund, process and complete Australia to leave the United Nations.

The United Nations has been forcing their political agenda demands on Westernised countries.  These demands are specifically and clearly not in the interests of Australia nor its people.  We, the people, have never given permission or agreed to the United Nations dictatorship rule over us.  We want the Australian government to return to governing our major issues, and that those major issues are decided by the majority of Australian people by referendum only, as it should be.  

We, the Australian people  totally reject the concept of the United Nations global New World Order Agenda, and any other of the U.N. associated affiliations, including the European Union.

The United Nations demands open border immigration policy, which has never been sanctioned by Australians, therefore the Australian government has no permission or right to enforce this or any other associated laws upon the Australian people. Australians have never consented to the Lima Declaration or any other U.N. treaties, and we demand returning to our sovereignty.

We  accuse the Australian government of bias against its own people. The government is approving taxpayer funds towards settlement of a 190,000 per year capped immigration intake.  Each of these immigrants have supposedly had detailed background and health checks, which takes enormous amounts of broad range, professional staff and their time at taxpayer expense, to investigate. We also now bear the huge cost of tracking more suspect terrorists annually, and more security costs such as bollards and other expensive security measures.

The immigrant practices of FGM, child marriage and bigamy exists.  The continual ignoring of these illegal practices, by our government is appalling. Complete face covering any Australians is not tolerated in places such as petrol stations and banks, but allowable by burqua wearing Muslims? It is noted that the burqua is NOT religious garb. Passports, driver licences and other ID require full face exposure for government facial recognition....but not for the burqua wearer. Partial exposure from the chin down for burqua wearers is acceptable.  Why the bias?

Upon arrival, thousands of immigrants are given a start package of goods, money and offered accomodation, also paid for by the Australian people.  Our own Australian homeless do not receive such packages.  All immigrants arrive unemployed, so again the people pay for their expenses until they are gainfully employed. 

The existing violent culture in some of their countries is a huge threat, and has resulted in great harm to our people.  Huge costs are uncontrollably escalating and increasing with more immigration intake, and the demand for more policing.  This dangerous situation is confirmed and highlighted by the Victorian government “No Go” zoning of 229 districts, that has been passed  for our essential services teams.

Murder, rape, (including children) and vicious bodily harm is inexcusable in any country and it is unbelievable that ANY human being, regardless of race, does not see this as degenerate behaviour...including our judicial system. This must stop.

Meanwhile the U.N. still expects Australians to contribute taxpayer funds to the UN Foreign Aid as well.  On average, Australians think we invest 16% of the Federal Budget on overseas aid, and believe that we should be spending something closer to 12%. In reality, Australia spends $4.0 billion dollars on overseas aid – that's just 0.22% of our gross national income, or 22 cents in every $100. Total Australian U.N. donations 2019 = $61,619,804 

Australia can not afford this.  The above is not financially or humanely sustainable.