Australia! Terminate your alliance with Japan and rescue our children

Australia! Terminate your alliance with Japan and rescue our children

9 February 2022
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Started by david fleming

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Hi Everyone. 

I am an Australian parent whose 3 children aged 9, 7 and 1 were abducted by their Japanese national mother. 

I have seen them by video call twice in 4 years. 
They are now 12, 10 and 4.

The second time they were lined up in a row looking down at the ground and shaking in fear and it lasted less then 15 seconds. 

Many people do not know this but Japan is a country that commits a lot of children rights crimes and human rights crimes. 

This is a country where you will see news reports weekly if not daily about a single mother/parent or their new partner that have refused the biological parent and their family access that have murdered abused or neglected children.

Japan has no joint custody and no laws to enforce visitation. 
In Japan children are processed under property law and as such physical custody = custody. 
Therefore Lawyers actively encourage parents to abduct the children to secure a 100% win because in 70 years no child has ever been returned by Japan within and abroad. 

The only returns to ever happen was because the abducting parent decided they didn't want the child or in the case several years ago the abducted Australian child shut down and would not eat and the abducting parent had no other choice but to return the child.  

Japan is a country where if your children have been abducted it is hard to even confirm if they are alive.

In 2019 the Japanese ministry of affairs said that there was more than 210,000 children involved in abduction and about 86% of these children have been refused access to 1 parent in just 1 year. 

To give you an Idea this is the real japan for any parent thrown into divorce where a child is abducted every few minutes.

In the last decade there has been more than 70 children abducted from Australia and almost all of these parents have no access at all to their children. However it is believed to be in the hundreds including Australian children abducted in Japan.

This is a violation of the convention on the rights of the child (CRC) in particular article 3 and 5. 

Which are crystal clear that abduction for any purpose is a crime and that children that have separated parents must have regular access to both parents. 

In regards to my children they have also violated the CRC by erasing their identity. 
My children have been adopted out without my consent and had their middle names erased and their surnames changed. 
They have also changed the pronunciation of their names to not be the same as their English names. 

Many countries such as the US, France, Italy the EU have been speaking out about this appalling crime.

But not Scott Morrison! 

Myself and a group of Australian parents have been campaigning to have Australia join and denounce Japan and cease defense and other treaties with Japan until they uphold the principal of the CRC that they signed and ratified 3 decades ago.

Despite our push to have our government defend the rights of our children Both Marise Payne and Scott Morrison met their counterparts in Japan and to an ABC journalist confirmed they did not even raise the issue. Despite then making a video denouncing North Korea for its human rights crimes in regards to the abduction of 14 Japanese citizens in 1970! 

The only difference between North korean Abduction and Japanese abduction is North Korea had a submarine.

Video with Australian embassy and DFAT acknowledging they did not raise the issue

I have previously had a petition pass through Parliament requesting we suspend agreement with Japan. 

Despite the government being required to respond to the petition in 90 days they have totally ignored it and broken the very principle of the petitioning system and our parliament.

Recently Scott Morrison announced our alliance with Japan the great and amazing and important partner. Claiming Japan is a human rights champion and country of Law! The very same country that purposely misinterprets it's own laws around abduction to allow parental abduction in the first instance.

Never have I seen a country make an alliance with a country that is actively committing human rights crimes against it's own citizens.

This is the Integrity of the Scott Morrison Government.

We therefore ask you to both sign my new petition in parliament linked below and this petition in and share to as many people as possible.
We need to hold Japan accountable and Australian government to join the international community in pressuring Japan to uphold the principal of it's agreements and alliances.

We are desperate and want to meet our children. 

But this is not just about us but the 3 million children in Japan that are growing up right this very moment deprived of the right to meet and have a loving relationship with both parents.

Please help us.


Why Australia needs to do something?

Well for one this is an appalling human rights crime and child abuse against Australian children.

More than 86% of these children have no access to their Australian parent not even a video call once a month.

The Australian government time and time again has been making defense agreements and publicly saying Japan is our "Friend", Sorry but Friends do not abduct and abuse your children.

Australia should NOT be making defense agreements with a country that is sponsoring human rights crimes against our citizens.

Australia is selling out Australians and their children for trade deals and money and calling Japan our friend when they are clearly not.

As noted already above In late 2020 a group of left behind parents were pushing for the Australian government to Speak out and denounce Japan like the EU recently did at the time.

Instead Australia refused to engage in what they said was "shotgun politics" and instead made a video to appease Japan denouncing North Korea for abducting just over a dozen Japanese nationals in 1970 calling it a human rights crime all of which but 1 has been recovered or fate revealed.

How amazing is that we have millions of children being abducted by Japan and they carry on religiously about a dozen citizens abducted by another nation. The only difference between Japanese abduction and north korea's abduction is North Koreans had a submarine.


Japanese government assists parents to abduct from abroad to Japan.

- There are many cases from around the world.

One such example in Australia was the Parents divorced originally in Australia.

Due to the fear the Japanese mother would abduct the court had confiscated and canceled passports

for both their Australian and Japanese passports.

However the mother walked into the local Japanese Embassy.

They assisted to change their names and issue new passports in a new name and she walked out the door with them with out any troubles.

- On May 15th 2018 Japan hosted and sponsored a seminar educating Japanese nationals how to Abduct children using the Hague in France.

- Japan actively supports abduction. Check out this racist video about "whites" complaining about it.


Please take the time to watch the following videos. This is not just about Australian children this is about all children. Japan must stop this cruel and heartless crime against children.

I could throw a hundreds of articles at you that all come to the conclusion that children denied access to a parent or alienated are disadvantaged in Life permanently, monetarily mentally and physical damage occurs to these children.

European parliament petition


Recent interviews includes multiple Australian parents and summarizes the issue.


Documentary about Japanese child abduction in Japan

Australian piece


Japanese parliament debate translated when discussing adopting the Hague but asking the government to also stop child abduction locally.


Video I made about my children

others -


More horrific things japan does also part of child abduction.

This happens a lot to women from poorer nations like Thailand and Philippines.

While it happens to everyone it is near impossible for a poor person to challenge.

Essentially a "Japanese only" parent can forge the documents for divorce. The council will accept it 10 minutes latter you are divorced no check on signature no need for other party.

They will take all the property and sole custody of any children.

For a foreigner this means termination of your visa to live and work in Japan and 30 or 60 days to leave before they will arrest you and put in immigration detention where people have died from neglect btw.


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