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It has come to my attention that due to 2 deaths at Defqon in Australia over the weekend has caused quite a problem for the festival returning to Sydney next year. We have the utmost sympathy for all the families effected by this tragedy that has occurred. There is no reason at all for people to be passing away at these events as they do not promote any kinds of illicit substance use at all.

Shutting the venue down will not do anything to stop people from dying as there are many other events or places that people will continue to participate in recreational drug use. It has come to our attention that the premier of New South Wales has stated that pill testing is a green light for drug use, how can that be so if there is a MSIC in Kings Cross? There has been approximately 6,000 overdoses at the Kings Cross centre alone that have not resulted in a single death. Pill testing is not a green light to the consumption of drugs, it is simply a tactic to reduce the amount of deaths in our country.

Countries around the world have implemented pill testing at certain festivals and it has seen tremendous results.