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Australia Post: Please provide a friendly service to post Fertile Eggs and Day Old Chicks

There are thousands of people and increasing in Australia who keep backyard chickens for eggs and as pets.
We are firm believers that hens that are able to range freely provide healthier, fresher, tastier eggs that have a true flavour to them that can't be gained from caged birds. It's great to go out in the morning and see the girls happily wandering around, free to develop as nature intended and producing their amazing little bundles of nutrition.
The only way to promote this trend to have a friendly service where people can exchange fertile eggs to hatch, and are able to send their day old chicks(as in many other countries) at small scale. With the current services there is no care given to the eggs as they are damaged most of the time during postage and we also request here to start a service for day old chicks.

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