Pensioners Can't Afford Medicinal Cannabis

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Making MEDICINAL CANABIS Legal to Access is All Well & Good - BUT, IT IS Out of the Reach of People like myself, A Disability Pensioner suffering Chronic Pain for over 20 Years.  

Oh, Yeah, Sure I can Get Access to it through the System OK, My GP has Made a Referal for me to See the Specialist/s in Sydney through a Skype computer hookup for a consultation before they will 'Supply' the Cannabis to me ... ALL of this comes at a price - $100 for the Setup FEE, $200 for the Consultation FEE, and Anywhere from an Estimated $200 UPWARDS PER MONTH for the Medicinal Cannabis ...

So for Me, it would cost me $500 (OR MORE), Just before I could actually get to TRY it TO SEE IF IT WILL HELP WITH MY PAIN...  I JUST CANNOT AFFORD TO EVEN TRY THE DRUG TO SEE IF IT WILL HELP !!!  Living on a Disability Pension is not something I EVER WANTED - but I HAD NO OPTION, and living on the pension is a life of poverty and I just cannot afford to Trial the Drug, Cannabis, at $500 + Plus, just to find out IF, it will Be of Any Benefit OR NOT for my Spinal Pain ...

I have trialed so many drugs over the years including Morphine, Ketamin, Methadone, Fentanyl, Norspan, and many more I can't think of just now, but there aren't many that I have not trialed at some stage and the only one that has done some good is Tramadol, it seems that it is the only one that I can tolerate in my system, and it has been losing its effectiveness over the years, because I have been on the maximum dose for at least 6 to 8 years now plus I have access to the 50mg  Fast acting dose/s to be Taken for Breakthrough Pain (usually 3 or 4 at a time), which is something needed every couple of days for me ...

BUT NOT Being ABLE to ACCESS Medicinal Cannabis UNLESS I CAN PAY FOR IT MYSELF - a Hit of $500 Minimum to get started on it and IF it Works then an Ongoing $200 + PLUS, Depending on the Cost OF Supply ...  I CANNOT AFFORD to Even FIND OUT IF IAT WILL HELP ME OR NOT ...  I have had So Many Drugs in the Past that I am Doubtful IF it Would Help me and I CAN'T AFFORD to FIND OUT.

There Would be Many Others out there in Australia WHO are in the SAME Predicament as myself, Where do WE GO for HELP - NO ONE in the Government OR the Medical Profession Seem, OR Are Willing to, Put Their Hand UP and Say- 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' , The Very People WHO Possibly NEED this Medicinal Cannabis to Lessen their PAIN and Perhaps just improve their Quality of LIFE a little are NOT ABLE to Access the Drug to Find Out.

WHEN are WE, The Miserable FEW, The POOR and Disadvantaged Pensioners of AUSTRALIA ever going to be GIVEN A CHANCE, of The Possibility, of a PAIN FREE and Happier LIFE ???

To the Politicians of this Country, State & Federal, I SAY This, THANKS FOR NOTHING, YOU MONGRELS !!!  ONLY THE WELL OFF in Society CAN AFFORD to BE WELL ... YOU Should BE ASHAMED of YOURSELVES, The LOT OF YOU.