new anthem for straya'

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Advance Australia fair is out-dated, and is no longer a banger and relevant to the younger generations of aussies.We need to change the anthem to a timeless classic and banger. After hours of searching we have come to the conclusion that, John Farnham's, "You're the voice", is the best option for this as it gets everyone turnt like they just popped three pinggaz. After dear considerations and hard work we've tested this at our local sporting events and the responses we received were much greater then that of Advance Australia Fair.

Imagine the 2020 Olympics, when the aussies march out to this certified banger, all the other countries will be like "Fuck, check out theses sick cunts!". That is how we want other countries to view us, as loose units not uptight old cunts.The changing of the anthem, will distance us from the UK and help our country establish our own identity. This change will likely bring about the immigration of many to our great land, doctors will get sick of their country and when they have a google of other countries they'll hear our anthem and be like " aye, these cunts are loose as!".

All Australians will benefit from this change as it is a happy change that will lead to discoveries of self worth and value. This change will increase the quality of life for everyone through out our great nation. ALSO FUCK PAULINE HANSON 

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