A First Nations organisation to take care and control of Australia’s land care

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Australia’s Land has been cared for by First Nations People for over 60k years and thrived. Since that land control was taken illegally from them in just over 200 years insurmountable damage had been caused.

Native flora and fauna have become extinct, and our river systems have been diverted and are drying up causing fish older than modern Australia to die is mass quantities, controlled burns are either denied or done without the correct knowledge leading to 1000s of homes being destroyed and over half a billion animals perishing not to mention the over 1 million hectares of bush land charred to a crisp.

We need to recognise Aboriginal peoples knowledge and methods of land care on this continent as their experience is beyond anything any Australians from immigrate back grounds can hope to have. I strongly and passionately believe that a First Nations Land care council to advise on and carry out the care of this land we will begin to see this land return to its former glory.