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Petitioning Australia Government: Introduce comprehensive action to fight bullying.

Show your support in the fight against Bullying.

No one should ever have to experience the profound emotional grief that comes with bullying. It often starts in the school yard, victims are young children who are the most vulnerable given their age. What comes as a result of the relentless emotional pain and hopelessness that victims go through is unacceptable. What the families and victims have to go through is unacceptable.

The recent story on Network Seven's Sunday NIght Show about Olivia Penpraze is just one example of what thousands of others have to go through each day. Olivia had her whole life ahead of her, she went through what no one wants to have to go through. In the end the relentless taunts and bullying overpowered the love and support which resulted in her life. 

This petition is a call to all Australians to unite in a stance to end bullying and show of support to all those that are victims. It is a call for the Australian Government to take preventative measures to stop bullying and start a national campaign to show support to those who are victims of something they don't have a choice over. It is a call to the Government to show more support to those people who are already promoting anti-bullying campaigns. We need to start right at the top. 

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  • Australia Government: Introduce comprehensive action to fight bullying.

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