Now, Australians call for Corona-virus travel ban to European countries and the US !

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Many members of the community are concerned about travellers who are travelling to Australia may have contracted or carry coronavirus.  The current ban for travellers from Italy, South Korea, Iran and China are just not enough. 

As we all know, Europe is a continent where people can travel from one country to the other without border security, so what is happening to Italy now can be repeated anywhere in any other European countries. For this reason, the current ban should definitely be extended to include all European countries. 

No ban is in place for the US despite a spike in virus cases and also travellers from the US have been confirmed with contraction of the virus while in Australia. Despite any diplomatic consideration, travel ban should be considered as a priority for the well-being of Australians and the Australian national interest. 

Without travel bans extending to include more countries, It's only a question of how many people will get infected, and rate will be very high. As a citizen, I'm extremely concerned that a similar disaster occurs in Australia if we don't act more now. 

The Australian People is counting on you to protect them from a possible disaster, and do consider the elderly, the children, the immune-compromised, the diabetic, the asthmatic and every person who lives in Australia. And that person could be yourself as nobody is immune to this virus.  

The government officials, we are counting on You to protect our country, its people including yourselves. 

My fellow Australians, your signature and support are really appreciated, because at this time you are acting for your own future and destiny. 

Thank you!