Change the licensing agreement around the Aboriginal Flag #PrideNotProfit

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We've got something to flag with you. We're usually full of spark, but today we're full of passion. 

We have been served a "Cease and Desist" from WAM Clothing for celebrating the Aboriginal Flag on our "Clothing the Gap" products. 

Did you know that the Aboriginal Flag is copyrighted?

Currently, WAM Clothing hold an exclusive world-wide licensing agreement with the Flag's copyright owner, Harold Thomas, to reproduce the Flag on clothing.

We wrote to Harold Thomas in August of 2018 to ask for permission to enter a licensing agreement to use the flag on clothing, however we received no reply.

This is not a question of who owns copyright of the Flag. This is a question of control. 

Should WAM Clothing, a non-indigenous business, hold the monopoly in a market to profit off Aboriginal peoples' Identity and love for "their" flag? 

We believe that this control of the market by a non-indigenous business has to stop. 

Viable channels for new licensing agreements, especially those for Aboriginal organisations and businesses, must be created. 

Unite with us to see the Aboriginal Flag celebrated, shared and worn for #PrideNotProfit as we lobby government and relevant bodies for action.

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