Change the legal drinking age to 21 years old

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Alcohol, while a legal drug, is a dangerous one, and is the second highest cause of preventable deaths in our country. Statistics from Australian and New Zealand history show a picture that can't be ignored- lowering the legal drinking age coincided with an increase in the amount of road accidents and harmful incidents among young people.

Scientific research has also shown the damage alcohol does to the brain in late adolescence, when it's not fully finished developing. When you're in your late teens, the brain is still forming essential connections, especially in relation to memory and motor function, and alcohol can permanently damage those connections.
It has also been proven that people who begin drinking alcohol during the teenage years are more likely to develop earlier and more severe alcohol dependency than people who begin drinking later in life.

I propose that the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) Act is amended, and the Australian legal drinking age is to become 21 in all states and territories. This change needs to happen, for the safety and health of the public, especially young people.

The amount of drunk-driving accidents and incidents related to alcohol will decrease drastically, and so will the hospitalisations and deaths among young people. Statistics mentioned above, such as the research done in the US, show that having a higher drinking age means a safer and healthier Australia for not just people aged 18-20, but everyone.

This change, if it happens, will be nothing but positive, and it's what Australia needs.