Austin, Texas City Council: Don't Allow Commercial Short-Term Rentals in Neighborhoods!

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Austin, Texas City Council: Don't Allow Commercial Short-Term Rentals in Neighborhoods!

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David King started this petition to Austin Texas Mayor and City Council Members

(This petition applies only to type-2 commercial short-term rentals. We support type-1 owner-occupied short-term rentals.)  

On August 2, the City Council will vote on a short-term rentals ordinance that will allow and encourage investors to buy single-family houses all over Austin (like yours and your neighbors’) and turn them into commercial short-term rentals. That means you might live next door to a motel and have several on your street. We have to fight back to stop this.  

Commercial short-term rentals (CSTRs) are houses in your neighborhood right now. They are advertised online, and are rented out just like a motel. Except there’s no onsite management. No criminal background checks either. No fire or safety measures. No parking limits. No regulation against large events or gatherings. No concern for your nice, quiet neighborhood. If you do not act immediately and urge your neighbors to act immediately, investors will buy homes all over Austin and convert them into thriving lodging businesses with customers coming and going at all hours. They will not be your neighbors. They will be here today and gone tomorrow, and threaten the stability of your neighborhood.   

It gets worse. If this happens all over Austin, the number of houses available for residents in inner-city neighborhoods will decrease, making homes less affordable. And if fewer families live in neighborhoods, schools will close. This is not fear mongering. It’s a fact.  

Take action now or else. If you don’t act now, you will lose your neighborhood stability. The sense of community and security will be gone once different sets of strangers are sleeping next door all the time, holding parties at all hours, and disrupting your neighborhood. Get your neighbors to sign the petition. Everyone must write or call the City Council and come to the August 2 City Council meeting to stop this.  

Tell Mayor Lee Leffingwell, and Council Members Bill Spelman, Chris Riley, Sheryl Cole, and Mike Martinez to change their votes and vote against CSTRs in our neighborhoods. Council Members Laura Morrison and Kathie Tovo voted against CSTRs. Please thank them for their support!  

Mayor Lee Leffingwell      512-974-2250

Member Sheryl Cole         512-974-2266

Member Bill Spelman       512-974-2256

Member Chris Riley          512-974-2260

Member Mike Martinez     512-974-2264

Member Kathie Tovo         512-974-2255

Member Laura Morrison   512-974-2258  

Information about CSTRs available at the following links:

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 1,508 supporters!