Gracywoods Park Repairs and Improvements

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Our Gracywoods park is the epi-center for gathering and play for our community. Since the Northern Walnut Creek Hike and Bike Trail opened in Spring 2016, our park has received a large amount of additional traffic especially in the cooler months. The play structure at Gracywoods Park was first installed in 2006 and consists of a multi-level slide structure and swing set built over a base of pea gravel and rubber mats. In the years since its installation the structure has received only minor urgent repairs where necessary. Even before the increase in users, the Gracywoods park was beginning to deteriorate. The rubber mats below the playground are very badly damaged with gaping holes that present a serious trip hazard to children and other park users.. The degrading rubber is crumbling and leaving fragments that are easily ingested by small children and represent a choking hazard. The pea gravel is not ADA compliant and there is no form of access for children with motor difficulties. The playground is not currently protected by a shade structure and is in full sun most of the day. In the heat of the Texas sun the plastic heats up to a level that can cause burning and is unsafe during our long Texas summer, without shade the park is unpleasant to use during the heat of the day and as a result families avoid visiting outside of the cooler early morning and late evening hours during the summer.


Our goal is to replace the rubber mats with engineered wood fiber. This is the longest lasting, easiest to maintain and is also compliant with current standards. The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) has seen the sad state of the rubber and agrees that the problems need to be addressed, but due to lack of funding, they are unable to afford this type of upgrade. The scope of our plan includes a ramp allowing people with all abilities to enter the play area as well as a shade structure covering the main playground. This shade will provide protection from the sun, especially during the morning, the time when many parks in the area are at their peak of activity, our Gracywoods Park is currently in full sun. As it stands the families all descend on the park once the day has cooled and the park is truly a hub of activity and portrait of diversity. We need the help of this grant to develop a safe gathering space for our amazing range of users.

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