Revert Austin School's Spring Break back to week of SXSW

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With Spring Break being moved to the week after the SXSW festival in the city of Austin, the city will experience a huge rise in traffic as we will have a large influx of tourists while at the same time having students commute to and from school and work. There will be a saturation of the public transportation system and many more drivers on the road coming in to Austin from the surrounding areas to attend the event or visit while they are on their Spring Break. Another problem we will face by going to school while SXSW is the possible  to a huge dip of student volunteers for the festival as some of the students will not be able to balance a full school week and fulfill the jobs and hours required by the event. If we revert Spring Break back to the week of the festival we could avoid all of these things from happening and enjoy an eventful SXSW as well as mid semester break.