Keep the Bowie High-school Block Schedule

Keep the Bowie High-school Block Schedule

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Started by Lily Flo

James Bowie High-school is deciding to change the schedule from a block schedule with four classes each day, to days consisting of 7 periods, with Wednesday and Thursday ending early. This change will bring along drastic changes to the staff along with negative outcomes to the students.

The new changes would cut electives and sport opportunities from a students schedule, causing the depletion of elective choices for a student. Currently at Bowie many pathways ranging from Fine Arts to Science are available. Taking away an elective opportunity would mean students could be unable to finish CTE pathways, leaving many unprepared for college and future job opportunities. 

These changes also have many negative effects for the staff of Bowie, as cut electives will mean the cutting of staff, people who have dedicated their life to teaching students their passion. While some may argue that these teachers can get a job working the field they teach, all students and faculty have found a home at Bowie and their true passion and dedication lies in teaching the future generations.

School has already been stressful for the students of Bowie High-school through these past two years. This will only make the environment and community of Bowie a more stressful experience. 

More Information and The voicing of Student and Staff Concerns: source @bowieisadifferentbreed on Instagram! 

High School & Middle School Concerns:

-All of our surrounding school districts are on an 8 period schedule. On a 7 period schedule, students will have 4 less opportunities to obtain the same amount ofcredits required to graduate.

-Students will not have access to the rigorous elective options that they currently enjoy. We feel like this is going to continue to push students out of AISD and negatively impact our budget further.

-Students who fail courses will be less likely to graduate, since they will have less room in their schedule to catch up. With the de-emphasis on SAT & ACT for college admittance, it is even more vital
for students to achieve through career-ready programs and extracurricular activities which they will have less time for with the 7 period day.

-Students and teachers lost access to free in-school counseling through Vida Clinic due to 2020 budget cuts. Students and teachers have already been struggling from the emotional impact of teaching online, hybrid, and back in person full time. Another dramatic shift in the schedule will be extremely difficult without any emotional support.

-Teachers have been required to do more than ever before with no raise. This has caused high stress and low morale. Reducing planning time from 90 minutes per day to 54 will only serve to reduce morale even further. The new proposed time is not enough time to plan, grade, complete campus duty, check emails, attend ARD & 504 meetings, and meet with PLCs. In addition, every lesson in
BLEND will need to be changed to reflect the new time schedule.

-State initiatives requiring students to enroll and complete a pathway will be difficult to follow because students have less room in their schedule to take classes.

-Industry Certifications will be reduced due to students being unable to fit the double-blocked practicums into their schedule. TEA pays out to the district based on students completing the pathway, so those funds will be reduced. Students at many AISD high schools have access to college level classes taught for free by ACC on campuses. With the new schedule, classes will not be long enough to allow for these classes to take place. Students will lose out on free college credit.

Incentives: Electives are the reason many students show up to school and stay there all day.

-The shift to block schedule was to give students more choices and opportunities
for learning experiences and sports. Students enrolled in double blocked classes
like football. band and others will not have a free elective until their junior year.


111 have signed. Let’s get to 200!