Provide Menstrual Products in Texas Community College Bathrooms

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Assure Accessibility to Free Menstrual Products in Bathrooms on Campus

Depending on the situation, being
caught off-guard is an impetus for
inconvenience. Of US women ages
18-54 years that have ever been out
in public and unexpectedly started
their period, a national study
commissioned by Free The Tampons

  • 86% start their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they need.
  • 79% improvised by "MacGyvering a tampon or pad out of toilet paper or something else." 
  • 62% went to a store immediately to buy supplies  
  • 53% asked another woman for supplies
  • 48% obtained her supplies a tampon/pad dispenser in a public restroom. ONLY 8% say in their experience tampon, and sanitary napkin dispensers in public restrooms work all the time. 
  • 34% went home immediately to get feminine supplies.

Help fight bathroom inequality. By providing free tampons in school, we are empowering students with essential bathroom tools they need. This is not a woman issue; it is an equality issue. 

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