Shutdown & Dismantle Texas Rho

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For the past few years a rogue faction of an organization identifying itself as a fraternity at the University of Texas at Austin, mostly comprised of ACC students, by the name of Texas Rho (formerly SAE), has been out front and center of several controversies including hazing, multiple assaults (physical & sexual), drugs, rape, and several other public health concerns. Now most recently members of this organization have participated in the horrific and disgusting act of drugging and raping two UT students.

While the University seems to not be able to intervene or control this group several past concerns and issues have been brought to the attention of University officials, University of Texas Police, and Austin Police Department with no recourse or intervention. At this point we need everyone both in Austin, across Texas, and around the country to speak up and speak out against this group that is doing nothing but ruining the college experience for everyone else at the University of Texas at Austin.

If we truly are to believe "what starts here changes the world", then it's time for everyone to speak up and be a part of that change and finally shut down Texas Rho and it's horrible culture.