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Vote against eliminating the Cameron Road and Wickersham Lane UT shuttles

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On September 23rd, the Cap Metro Board of Directors will vote on whether to PERMANENTLY CANCEL THE CAMERON ROAD AND WICKERSHAM LANE UT SHUTTLES beginning this coming spring. Although these routes may be "low performing" (the data on which has not been made available), they are vital to the transportation needs of many UT students. The differences between the current UT shuttles and Cap Metro routes are distinct and would TRIPLE commute time for some students. Many of us moved to these locations specifically because they were on shuttle routes. Moreover, many students - particularly graduate students - live in these areas because housing and other living costs are lower than those of other neighborhoods and areas closer to campus, such as West Campus. Eliminating these shuttle routes, therefore, would DISPROPORTIONATELY AFFECT LOWER INCOME STUDENTS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS in ways that would make it more difficult for them to get to campus. Eliminating these shuttle routes will also NEGATIVELY IMPACT THE ECONOMIES of those neighborhoods and areas as well as the overall Austin economy. Students living in these areas are important contributors to local economies, from restaurants to grocery stores to local businesses. Should students be forced to move away due to a lack of convenient transportation to school - or at the least, should new students not move into these areas - then local economies will suffer. Limiting where students can live via their ability to commute to campus will also impact overall housing prices in city of Austin by driving up the already limited and inflated housing options closer to campus. For these reasons, the Board of Directors must vote against eliminating the Cameron Road and Wickersham Lane UT shuttles. Info from Cap Metro: Email or with concerns. Public hearing September 16th at 5 p.m. at 2910 E 5th St

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