Never more such a "Welcome to Auroville", please!

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I love Auroville, the City of Dawn, the City that aims to surpass the old schemes of mankind and reach e true human unity. And I love the Aurovilians: true pioneers that gave their entire life to make this "dream of the Mother" become a reality on that difficult and desertic soil near Puducherry, in south India. But this dream can become a nightmare when people start considering a piece of this City as "their own property"!

On friday 25 August my wife Lara and me were attacked by free ferocious domestic dogs just because we entered by mistake (searching for a friend) in the Auroville community named Baraka. No gate was there, no "beware the dogs" written anywhere, so we were proceeding on a nice lane, a sunlit path, to find ourselves in a rottweiler mouth! A rottweiler is not just a dog, but a weapon created to harm. What does it mean to keep it free during the day (it was 3 pm) when anybody could walk in that area? Why should a child or somebody needing help find such a "welcome" in Auroville? The result on Lara's leg is visible in the picture, but the shock, the hospitals, the anti tetanus and anti rabies vax, the aching nights, the sense of disillusion... you can just imagine. And we hear that this is not so unusual in Auroville!

But still we belive in change. So we are not going to "bite" anyone in revenge: we just ask to the Auroville Council, the Resident's Assembly and the public opinion to take action and make clear rules about dogs, add more watchmen where necessary and  overcome the "far west era". Auroville should ban any kind of violence, including the use of dogs as weapons. We hope for the best because Auroville seems to be the last and best hope left to the World!

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