Aurora ON must address fence built on neighbour's land, 8 inches from wall and 3 windows

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Update Feb. 9, 2018: I have heard from the fence builder's lawyer who has sent out good, old fashioned "libel letters".., including one to this petition writer.  Her "lawyer", Brad T. Cran, hiding behind a $50/month virtual world mail drop box space at 1 Yonge St. Ste.1801, Toronto ON..., was emailed her wishes, he wrapped a letterhead around it and now HE demands a large series, 7 pages, of comment and statement deletions, then write for each..  a retraction, followed by an individual apology for EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL statement... so you know how much this petition is required.

The fence builder expects she should be able to do this terrible thing to her neighbour and have NO ONE comment on it anywhere on the Internet. I was, in writing, "required" to delete, write a retraction, then apologize for each INDIVIDUAL statement written ANYWHERE on the Internet by ANYONE, and I was told to even go "ELSEWHERE" and find "OTHER" statements the lawyer has never seen, and I am supposed to cleanse them as well and retract them and then apologize for their existence, I guess. As if that is not an impossible task on its own, he goes on to admit and defend his client's refusal to comment in public, she says a 2 meter fence, 40 feet long is "private" to she and her neighbour.... THEN, he calls what I say "unbalanced".... He admits she wants ME to shut up, then she wants ME sued for "unbalanced" statements. To top it all with a cherry, if I do ALL THAT, he retains the right to sue me anyway. So you can tell this man is on top of the law, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Even his own Law Society of Ontario says to ignore him, there is no financial loss except to 47 Wells St. and the existence of the wall is the best statement on the motivations of the builder anyway.

SO, that said, if YOU LOVE LAWYERS like I do, you will sign this lowly petition to the Town of Aurora to change the Bylaws to get this fence taken down.

Back to the story.....

  Imagine for a moment you come home to your quaint, historic 140 year old house from a hard day, and you go to clean dishes, and you see out your window a 6.5 foot fence built 8 inches from your kitchen window the entire length of your house!

That is eight (8) inches, not 8 feet, not 8 yards, not 8 meters, that is 8 INCHES from a neighbour's wall and 3 windows.

That is smaller than the width of the piece of paper you would print this out on. Less than the width of letter sized paper.

SIGN so that the Aurora Ontario Mayor and Council can be told to make changes in management of its Bylaws department which refuses to take any action at all. None.

It is repugnant to have to live in a Town where the "rights" of an obviously offensive neighbour are supported by the Mayor, Council and Staff BEFORE those of the innocent bystander who just had her property value eliminated.

Who will buy the house at 47 Wells St. Aurora, Ontario now? No one!

Email "" and Director of Bylaws "" and tell them what you think they should do. The Mayor is ""

Aurora, a town of 55,000 in Southern Ontario, allowed a person, with no prior (or subsequent even) negotiation or warning, to have an ugly, solid, pressure treated board on board fence built just 8 inches from her neighbour's wall and 3 large windows without negotiation or knowledge of the neighbour. The Town now supports the rights of the offending neighbour in all matters over the obvious violations of the neighbour's property rights.

It is unlikely anyone would now buy the house having a fence 8 inches away blocking three large windows including the kitchen sink window. This woman's largest investment is now virtually worthless. Local fire safety officials state clearly that there must be 2 exits from every room, and for 3 rooms this is impossible.

The Town disagrees and states only one fire exit FOR THE ENTIRE HOUSE is required.

The fence posts and wrought iron bars were built September 2017, and are BOTH higher than the Town Bylaws limit of 2 meters. The Town measured in September and by January 23, 2018 HAD DONE NOTHING TO GET THE HEIGHT IN COMPLIANCE. They did NOTHING at all.

Without notice, the over 2 meter high fence was built by the owner of 43 Wells St. and it was built RIGHT ON the property line so half of it is on the land owned at 47 Wells St. The fence posts' concrete footings extend UNDER the neighbour's land. About 8 inches of the neighbour's land was paved in asphalt without consent and is now out of reach between the fence and the house. A second "dog containment" fence was built completely ON the neighbour's land and attached to it. Wrought iron gates, also exceeding the 2 meter height limit, were erected in the driveway. The offending neighbour issued a warning in writing that at no time was the owner or agents of the offended landowner to be on her property for any reason.

The exposed gas line and the servicing of it and gas appliances is now blocked by the fence. No maintenance of the wall can be done to meet Town Property Standards. Snow will beheld against the now-concealed gas line causing it to corrode and burst.


See the fence and start a Google Maps Street View tour at:

or at:

See the view from the sink:

See the second "dog fence" built completely on her neighbour's land: or at:

The offended neighbour has visited Town Hall, emailed, written, spoken, begged and pleaded at Council, January 23,

on YouTube at:

and at: where Director Tech Van Leeuwen confirms NOTHING can or will be done.

The local paper did an article:

Please sign so that more press attention can be attracted to this situation. Only embarrassment can change their minds. Only making fools of politicians seems to work.

Imagine if your neighbour did this and no one came to help you!