End BSL in Aurora and implement responsible animal policy for all breeds

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Breed-specific legislation and the banning of specific breeds makes communities more dangerous by preventing training and health services to dogs which may have elements of breeds commonly labeled as "Pit Bull". Across the country, cities are abandoning Breed-Specific legislation as being ineffective as decades of data show that this approach to managing breeds does not reduce incident rates. 

The number one predictor for animal aggression is not breed, it is their Spayed/Neuter status. 

BSL is also made obsolete by recent advances in canine breeding. There is no such breed as a "Pit Bull", and the breeds that are typically generalized as pitbulls are often made obsolete by new specialized breeds. There is no mechanism in animal code to add, remove, or modify the current 5 separate breeds identified as "Pit Bull" in the Statutes.

The official statement of the American Bar Association, AVMA, Humane Society, ASPCA, American Kennel Club, the CDC, and the National Dog Rescue Network is that breed-specific legislation as ineffective legislation that does not make communities safer. 

Currently, dangerous breed-specific legislation is being propogated and amplified by special interest groups that often skew statistics, use tactics of fear mongering, or make emotional statements on why they are against it, but the fact is that dangerous dog legislation needs to apply to all dogs equally. To single out a group of dog breeds that are combined into a single moniker is dangerous and irresponsible. 

The issue isn't whether or not we want to allow "pit" breeds in Aurora, the issue is whether we want common-sense animal legislation in a format that applies to a species, not a group of breeds. 

It's time to end Breed-Specific Legislation in Aurora and enact common-sense dangerous dog laws as recommended by nearly every legal, community, animal welfare, and government group.

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