Report the left-wing Aurat March! (Links below)

Report the left-wing Aurat March! (Links below)

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Started by Wahaj Abdullah

Aurat March is a march that was initially started to advocate for women's rights until the authorities there went rogue.

Now, under the disguise of "women rights" unislamic ideologies have made their way into the march gathering thousands of people trying to legalize incest, homosexuality, and adultery which go directly against the laws of our holy Deen directly violating our religious freedom. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic and should NOT be influenced by western propaganda!

Every person which has Imaan in their hearts, please report all of their accounts (linked below) and then sign this to save our moral values from the disease of 3rd wave feminism! The goal is to mass report Aurat March social media accounts

Kindly report these accounts AND THEN sign the petition! JazakAllah.

Twitter: Aurat March

Twitter: Aurat March Lahore

Twitter: Aurat March Islamabad


Instagram: Aurat March

Instagram: Aurat March Lahore

Instagram:  Aurat March Islamabad


Facebook: Aurat March

Facebook: Aurat March Lahore

Facebook: Aurat March Islamabad

Thank you for reporting all of the accounts above, you can continue to sign the petition!




30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!