Protect the futur Au Pairs by demanding the Agencies to check the parents' background!

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September 20th 2017, the calcined body of Sophie Lionnet, 21, was found in the suburbs of London. She had left France a few months before that, to live an experience that a lot of young girls and boys dream of: being an Au Pair in a family abroad.
Her paranoid employers, Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni, had tortured her during interrogations to make her confess things she hadn't done, until they drowned her in the bathtub.
This shall NEVER happen again!

Sophie had chosen not to use the services of an Au Pair agency, which unfortunately left her without any defense when she progressively fell into a vicious spiral, trapped by the hosts parents' hallucinatory accusations.
However, girls and boys under a contract established by their Au Pair agency aren't more protected from some parents' behaviors. Why so?

In order to become an Au Pair, we are undergoing a lot of different tests about our skills and capacity to take care of children. Among these tests, a "psychological test" to make sure we aren't dangerous in any way. But families, so far as we know, aren't undergoing any test like this!
In spite of the many questions we are supposed to ask the (possible) future family, we ABSOLUTELY CAN'T gauge their mental state.
The verification of the psychological and judicial background has to be done by the Agencies to ensure our safety. Indeed, we leave our country to go to their!

Sophie's story proves us that, without a strong personality and mental, it can lead young persons to fall under a manipulative spiral. Without talking about murder, situations are often out of control: parents abusing work conditions and breaking the contracts' terms, a lack of support from Agencies who prove the families right because they pay, single fathers believing Au Pair = easy girl and try to take advantage of the situation, accusations or judgements about Au Pairs' actions or behavior leading to an expeditious expellation from the house...
Ex, current and futur Au Pairs have thousands of examples which we share on social medias which aren't taken into consideration by our counsellors when we talk to them about some things that we consider being wrong or weird.

Agencies have to hear us instead of acting in favor of families, for money motivations (money we both pay at a different level).

Please sign this petition we will send then to Agencies so they change their policy and start reinforcing the control and verification of families & Au Pairs.

Sign this petition and share it around, please warn gently those who want to live this experience that they have to use the services of an Agency, yes, but one who would guarantee good terms and above all: safety.
Being an Au Pair abroad has to be an exceptional experience like many of us have lived, not a psychological or physical torture.

Sign this petition in memory of Sophie Lionnet, so the plight she has suffered won't happen again and in respect of her parents who wished she had came back home.

Rest in Peace Sophie.

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