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Daniella Ventresca started this petition to Australian Government and

As a Working Holiday Visa Holder (417), it is required that 88 days/3 months of Regional, Rural, and Specified work must be completed within our 12 month Visa entry. Although I do find this task quite admirable and enriching, by allowing foreigners to give back to the Australian Community, I do find it unbelievably difficult to complete, as COVID-19 has made the economy exponentially plummet. Unemployment rates have risen and job security is par to none. As Australian citizens themselves have lost their jobs, it is no surprise that travelers have therefore lost theirs, too. The COVID19 pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to not only engage in work within the more common fields of Hospitality and Tourism, but ever-more-so, the Regional and Specified work restricted fields, too.

Regional employers within these specific areas seemingly don’t have the capacity or funds to employ current travelers, and the few who do, seem to have already filled their limited spaces. Exceeding amounts of foreigners are all fighting for the same minimal employment opportunities, while falling short. This is becoming more of a challenge too, as Australian Government and World-Wide borders have closed, making traveling for employment opportunities, utterly impossible.

I write this letter not because I believe that Specified Work isn’t important or valuable to the beautiful Country of Australia, but because I believe there may be additional Cultural Opportunities within Australia. Travelers on Working Holiday Visas and other Foreigner Visas are having the utmost difficulty in attaining to the Australian Immigration Law restrictions. The year, 2020 has experienced many drastic, abrupt, and unforeseeable changes, making the Working Holiday and Travelling Visa, not one to remain stagnant.

As we are experiencing a vast increase in unemployment rates and a decrease in traveling opportunities, I ask that you kindly consider and support accepting Au-Pair Work as an 88day/3 month Second and Third year Visa extension opportunity; or seemingly pardon Visa Holders from completing their designated 88days/3 month Specified Work obligation, this year.

I do believe the Au-Pair experience is quite enriching and fulfilling, as it allows you to fully live, eat, breathe, and engage in being a part of a true Australian Family. This role has been seen much more available to foreigners, as parents have needed extra assistance while homeschooling their children through the pandemic and isolation. Although I understand that not all travelers may be equally suited or able to partake in this role, I believe it may be a good alternative for a vast population of patrons, as others may not be deemed physically suitable to partake in the Regional work prescribed by the Australian Immigration.

When we look into the Immigration Obligations objectively, we can appreciate that not all travelers are able to partake in such physically intensive, and taxing jobs as currently prescribed for Visa Extensions, nor are travelers able to access the appropriate work currently, either. As current Regional and Rural Specified Work obligations are restricted to quite laborious jobs, employment working within a true Australian family, enhancing children’s lives, teaching and mentoring through emotional and intellectual health, as well as partaking in the families everyday routine, would be much more suitable for the latter of the population. As an Au-Pair, you not only embrace the joyful moments of being a part of a family, but you grow as an individual as you are tested each day through compassion, patience, diligence, problem-solving, and educating. We are learning how to cope with difficult situations from mood changes, to diagnosed illness’, too. Being an Au-Pair has taught me more than any job I have previously had, as you are co-living with varying ages, mental and physical abilities, likes, and dislikes. Notably, I recognize this as a great alternative for the less suitably physically intensive employee, wishing to continue partaking in appropriate care-work for a successful Second and Third year Working Holiday Visa.

As a foreigner, I believe it is my due-diligence to suggest the Australian Immigration accepts the Au-Pair role as 88days/3 months Visa Extension or pardons the requirements for Visa Holders, who have traveled to Australia prior to the pandemic. Foreigners' access and availability to complete their designated work, has been drastically reduced this year, due to the unforeseen COVID19 circumstances. Our reduced time, unemployment status, and limited abilities of travel, have created more obstacles in not only fulfilling Specified Visa requirements, but genuinely experiencing Australia.

Adding an additional field of Specified Work, to the Visa Extension obligation or pardoning the Specified Work obligation this year, would highly elevate many travelers' stress and frustration, throughout this trying time. We are finding it exceedingly difficult to not only qualify, but also travel to the designated work areas, making completing our Visa Extension task, increasingly challenging. We, as foreigners, are outnumbered by the limited spaces available to complete our work, and we, as foreigners, simply do not want to lose out on experiencing real Australia, due to this pandemic and lack of Specified Employment opportunity.

In summary,
The current unemployment rate in Australia is almost 8%
Foreign Visa workers are restricted by border closures and the availability of accessing jobs
Specified work in regional areas is limited due to COVID-19, drought and bushfires
Australians are given in most instances the first preference for work over foreigners
Relaxation on the 3 months specified work for the 2020/2021 period should be considered

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