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Aupairs should be able to review their families (on their online profile) too!

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When one aupair finish her/his year, or get a rematch, the family get to write a review on the aupair's online application, so all the new families for the second year or rematch can see that review. So I think it's just fair enough that the aupairs can write a review on their family's online profile after the end of the program or in a rematch too, thus the other aupair that the family wants to talk can see the last aupairs review and contact her/him. The rematch or option for extending with another family or aupair  can be both the family or aupair fault or decision, there are many families and aupairs that don't follow the rules, so I think it's fair both have the same rights to know the reasons for a rematch or the review after 1 or 2 years with the family. A review and contact can help a match be faster since the new aupair can see a very good review or even contact the last aupair, or can help the new aupair see that this family is not right for her/him.  Or can even tell the agency that the aupair or family is not good for this exchange program because they keep not following the rules, or doing other wrong things. 

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