Drop This Twisted Practice!

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Auntie Anne’s likes to tell you to “Auntie Up your snacking standards.” If you take that advice, it’ll mean strolling right past their pretzel stand. Trading your hard-earned dough for theirs means supporting a company that sources eggs from filthy factory farms that keep hens trapped in tiny wire cages.

The majority of consumers agree: caging egg-laying hens for their entire lives is just plain twisted. That’s why restaurants like McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, PF Chang’s, The Cheesecake Factory, and more than 100 other food companies have all committed to ending their support of cruel cage farms. Auntie Anne’s, on the other hand, has not announced any plan to stop supporting farms where chickens are trapped in cages. These cages are so small and packed with birds that the hens can’t do anything that is natural or important to them, and some get trampled to death by their cagemates.

Auntie Anne's says that its commitment to “raising the standard of snacking” is a moral compass that will guide and define the chain. If that’s true, then it’s time for this compass to aim toward more socially responsible sourcing practices before Auntie Anne’s gets lost behind its competitors.

Please sign this petition to tell Auntie Anne’s, and all of its sister companies at Focus Brands, that you won’t be snacking with them anytime soon as long as they support these cages.

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