Get the Aumsville Police Fee on the Ballot in 2018

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In 2017 the City of Aumsville identified a budget shortfall in the police fund that would not support continuing to have a 6th officer on staff. Despite identifying this shortfall in May of 2017, the community was not informed or asked to comment until November of 2017. Shortly afterwards the City of Aumsville instituted a fee to continue funding a 6th officer and hire a 7th officer despite the community being vocal that they did not feel this was necessary. This fee has the potential to hurt families in our community that cannot afford it. The wording in the current ordinance will result in individual residences that cannot afford this new fee having their water services stopped until they can pay the fee. The City of Aumsville has also not demonstrated a need for a 7th officer. Chief Schmitz' of the Aumsville PD has gone on the public record stating the the call volume in Aumsville has not increased in 4 year and that 25% of Aumsville PD calls are for support in neighboring cities.

This petition is a request to Aumsville City Council to place this fee on the ballot in 2018 in order to allow the community to directly voice their opinion on the matter. By signing this petition you are not stating whether you are for or against this additional fee, only asking Aumsville City Council to allow the community to directly voice their opinion on this matter. Please sign the petition and let the Aumsville City Council know that we want our voices to be heard directly on this issue.