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Something be done with Yancey school

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To whom this may concern at albemarle county school board, I am writing this to inform you all of all of our parents concerns at Yancey Elementry school. 

1- learning 

our first concern is learning. My step daughter attends school at Yancey along with my nephew and several other students I know that attend yancey. My step child and nephew both attended Scottsville Elementry last year. As a result to that I am seeing where both of them are not able to meet and do things as to where they did at Scottsville Elementry school. There report cards had dropped from 3 to 2 from Scottsville to Yancey. Also they both are coming home saying we already learned this last year this is what the 1st graders are learning. Our children at Yancey should not have to suffer from learning because the classes are combined or because Yancey is not teaching them what they need to know. Some parents have to go home and work with there students so that they do not fall behind . This is the reason they go to school is to learn we should not have to teach them at home. There are a lot of parents at Yancey Elementry that are concerned with the learning situation there. 

2- fighting/arguing 

There has been several times this year to when my step daughter and nephew come home and say they seen kids fighting or arguing at school ect . As to this not being addressed because it is happening more than once here. I had a parent come to me when I was picking my step daughter up from Yancey and she was telling me how bad the fighting gets as they get into 3rd 4th and 5th grade. (Nephew and step daughter are in 2nd) I do not want my nephew or step daughter to have to go thru this all there Elementry school life. They should not have to be redirected to another bathroom just because the schools can not get the fighting/ arguing under control. 

3- communication. Communication between staff at Yancey and parent is plum ridiculous (princiable, after school, teacher, ect) There has been server times where I have not gotten an email or a return phone call from someone there. Teachers wait to send home paper until last minute that parents need to be aware of sometimes we don't get the paper until the week of when they are supposed to be returned back to school or an event is happening at school and we are just getting the information about it the day of. There are times the kids wil go weeks with it getting a Tuesday folder sent home with them and that is the only communication in 2nd grade between teachers and parents. My opinion every class room should have a monthly news letter sent home saying what is going on in the class room, events coming up for that month, anything special that happen ect. I'm still yet to see the first one of them. 

In conclusion we as parents feel our children should not have to suffer from the above situation just because the school is falling down hill. In my opinion I feel as as the parents should be given a choice as to where there child should attend a different school (Scottsville-red hill) in the area until either Yancey can get back on track with things or either close the school. There are several parent who are concerned with all this issues there and feel this would be best for there children! 


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