Petition for Nikolas Jacob Cruz to have a fair trial and access to mental healthcare

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This petition does not condone any kind of support to Nikolas Jacob Cruz’s actions on February 14, 2018, where he opened fire on his former high school Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 people. It’s simply addressing the wants and needs that SHOULD be taken into consideration when making big decisions regarding Mr. Cruz and the thought, Nikolas Cruz is a broken person and we’ve seen it through countless events that happened in his early life. Looking at reports and studying MANY articles, Nikolas has had many signs of having mental health issues from the time he was 2 years old, nobody did ANYTHING to help him, nobody listened to his cries for help, people simply just thought he was weird and made fun of him. Many reports were made about Nikolas actions from neighbors and close friends, it was taken into the FBI’s hands and they did absolutely NOTHING but the system failed yet again, if the FBI would’ve taken things more serious, things wouldn’t be how they are. Mental Health is a real thing, people suffer from it daily and so many people are screaming for help but some have to stay silent or told they’ll be told “Your fine, you’ll get over it.” Nikolas Cruz needs mental health attention and he WILL NOT receive that if he’s just given the death penalty, he needs to get professional help and people who actually understand that mental health is real and it’s not something people make up. Nikolas Cruz also deserves a fair jury/ judge, he is a human being.. His actions are not something this petition condones but he deserves a fighting chance, he’s fully aware of everything’s that’s going on and from what I’ve seen, he seems extremely remorseful and probably hating himself for letting his demons take over him. Mr. Cruz has the right to a fair trial, it’s in our constitution and that’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten about in a criminal case like this one, he has rights and should be granted them and go out fighting.




Written by Ashly Davis and Brittney Katherine 

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