Audi SF: Protect Our Children and Elderly / Protege Nuestros Niños y Los Ancianos

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Our neighbors want to live with no risk of traffic violence from drivers on our streets.

Since 2004, the sales team at the Audi San Francisco (300 S Van Ness, 94103) dealership have been abusing our public space, making our neighborhood more dangerous and more unpleasant. They are a clear example of a corporation bullying their way to profits with no regard for the impact on the people in their surroundings. 

Neighbors have experienced or seen Audi sales team members:

  • Speeding near children, elderly, disabled folks, and adults on 14th Street, Minna Street, Natoma Street, Mission Street, South Van Ness, and Division Streets
  • Parking illegally in the red zone, disabled parking, on the sidewalk and constantly not paying the meters in up to 8 parking spots
  • Driving the wrong way illegally down Minna Street
  • Using physical violence towards traffic enforcement and neighbors 
  • Verbally harassing disabled neighbors who park in the disabled parking spot on South Van Ness and possibly abusing the disability placard system (~4 of the 10 sales team members have a disability placard, which seems like a high percentage)
  • Using verbal threats towards residents who park or request for them to drive at slow speeds
  • Smoking in front of residences 
  • Littering on the street

When residents have attempted to request for changes from the Audi dealership sales folks and owner, they have been met with dismissal and refusal that a problem exists. Audi SF Sales Manager and self-proclaimed decision maker has said "when [someone dies] here, we will revisit" their dangerous behavior. See video here.

We demand that Audi SF dealership:

  • Stop speeding & playing loud music
  • Stop driving wrong way on Minna Street
  • Use disabled placards for only legitimate disability cases
  • Stop parking on sidewalk & red zone
  • Always pay the parking meters
  • Stop intimidating us when we park near you
  • Stop smoking in front of residences
  • Stop littering on the street, including cigarettes

Nosotros pedimos a Audi SF que:

  • Dejen de manejar con alta velocidad
  • Dejen de manejar en contrasentido en calle Minna
  • Dejen de estacionarse en la zona roja y la banqueta
  • Deben pagar el parquímetro
  • No acosen a los vecinos cuando nos queramos estacionar cerca de ustedes
  • Dejen de fumar frente a las viviendas
  • Dejen de tirar basura en la calle, incluyendo cigarillos