Scale ALL grades by one grade step for all courses

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We petition AUT to follow the actions of the University of Auckland and scale all grades during the rest of this semester by one grade step. For example, if a student's marks for all assessments in a course result in an award of a 'B' grade, their final grade for that course should be recorded on their transcripts as a 'B+'.

The reasoning behind this is as follows:

  1. Student's studies, alongside their ability to complete their assignments, has been hindered and disrupted over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting nationwide lockdowns.
  2. When the university originally closed as a result of the pandemic, students could not work on or complete most of their assignments as they either were not released that early into the semester, or there was general confusion as to whether or not students would still be working on those same assignments after the University reopened for teaching.
  3. The previous point is further reinforced by the fact that when block learning was originally announced, there was additional confusion as to whether or not all content that was taught or assigned at that point would remain valid for when the semester was restarted to accommodate block learning. While we know now that block learning was abandoned, one cannot discount the fact that many students were concerned and overall disoriented as to what course of action would be taken for the rest of the semester going forward, especially considering the fact that there was both a petition and a counter petition with thousands of signatures for both returning to the traditional semester model and later the petition to return block learning, causing great overall distress for students.

While we understand the stress that AUT staff has gone through to essentially reimagine entire courses overnight, we believe there should be additional consideration given for students as well. We therefore ask that all final grades are scaled by one grade step for all courses at the end of this semester.