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Affordable Parking for Auckland University Students

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University students of Auckland City already have tough life with just their studies and responsibilities as a person whether it be work, family, volunteering and many others. University already is quite expensive as I am sure you are all aware with, for example a 4 year degree in engineering costing around NZD$28,000, however Auckland Transport, Wilson Parking and others do not help students at all in these circumstances. Parking for a day outside of AUT (Auckland University of Technology) on the street for a day (8 am - 6 pm) will cost a hard working student NZD$54, for one day, which on minimum wage will take over 3 hours of work to pay for. It will cost a student NZD$270 to park there 5 days a week, if they work 20 hours a week on minimum wage it leaves them with NZD$45 to survive. Is this really the best way we can be helping those people who are the future of not only this country but the world???

Right next to AUT there is a Wilson Parking in which you'd think in a caring and helping society would help students with their parking spaces, however that is definitely not the case seeing as they charge all users the same amount of NZD$24 parking for a day. Even though this is considerably cheaper than outside on the street that is still NZD$120 a week to study. To Study! A few years ago it costed NZD$9 a day.

In Auckland City lots of companies offer their staff a parking for a fair price and some even for free. These people are already getting paid and still get discounts for their parking. Now why is it that students who have been studying hard for at least 13 years to be accepted into university not only have to pay for an expensive course but also pay thousands (NZD$11,000 for a 4 year course) more a year on parking, to simply attend, to simply learn. Is this really the best way we can help our students?? Now I know what is going to be suggested and that is public transport. Here are the issues with public transport, not only does the system not work but it is still very expensive, we all know how Auckland weather is and how much it likes to rain, waiting in the rain or walking to/from the bus stop when you have expensive laptops in your bag or even a project that needs to be protected is not the greatest, umbrellas don't work in the wind. Buses are inefficient as a system and personally, I always feel very scared of way lots of bus drivers drive dangerously (cutting off vehicles, cutting blind corners, speeding, driving too close to other objects, looking half asleep..), I find them highly uncomfortable and can never compare to the comfort of your own vehicle, and I also get very sick in buses very easily. Carpooling is a much much better option.

What I want to change as well do so many other students want is that Auckland Transport, Wilson Parking and other companies change their system and help student with a more affordable parking, a system like a student discount as I do not see it being fair for students to paying as much as a tourist for example to study. The system can be easily fixed by having machines apply a discount when scanned with student ID.. Perhaps even a student discount sticker to allow costs for the businesses to be low. Do not make education any more expensive than it already is, than what it should be, help Auckland students, help the future generation, you never know what they can accomplish.

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