Auckland Transport: We need better bus services for East Park Residents.

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Bus services that travel along Ti Rakau Drive from Manukau and Britomart do not stop near East Park. They drive right past it. 

The closest bus stop to East Park on Ti Rakau Drive is outside Bunnings which is a 1000 metre walk away from the center of East Park. Auckland Transport staff recommend getting off at Botany Town Centre which is a 900 metre walk across one of the busiest six lane roads in Auckland to reach the centre of East Park.

The next closest bus stop, after the bus drives past East Park, requires a change of bus at Botany Town Centre which can add between 10 and 30 minutes of time delay before the second bus reaches the next bus stop outside 325 Botany Road. That stop while closet is still 600 metres away from the centre of East Park and because it has no concrete between the footpath and the road and passengers in many months of the year have to walk through water and mud to get on and off the bus.

in 2017 AT installed an excellent bus stop on Ti Rakau Drive, near 41 Spalding Drive. The bus stop had a safe concreted pad to enter and exit the bus, along with a great shelter with comfortable seating.  Sadly it was never put into use, the bus company refused to use it, saying it would be too hard to pick up or drop off passengers and then turn right into Te Irirangi Drive. Really? The bus stop has now been removed.

The Chair of the East Park Residents Association has previously campaigned for better bus services. Thank you Graham. For more details see 

Our local MP Jamie-Lee Ross has also recently approached Auckland Transport. Thank You Jamie-Lee.  Despite the action of our two local advocates, AT remains unmoved, they refuse to give East Park residents a safe, convenient bus stop on Ti Rakau Drive near East Park.

We need a safe, sheltered, local bus stop on Ti Rakau drive close to East Park. We seek your support; please sign this petition to get better bus services for East Park.