Save the 6 Pohutukawa trees on the corner of St Lukes Rd and Great North Rd.

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The pōhutukawa are saved

We are delighted to inform you that the Western Springs pōhutukawa have been saved. At a board meeting today, Auckland Transport directors announced they would save the six giant 80 year old pōhutukawa trees that were destined to make way for more traffic lanes. We congratulate AT's directors for siding with the 2,271 people who signed our petition to save the trees. We also need to acknowledge the many people who emailed directors on Action Stations and supported the Facebook page. A group of supporters including the Tree Council worked behind scenes, arranging media interest, putting signage on the trees and generally raising awareness. The Waitemata Local Board also represented all of us professionally at the hearing. But the victory to savour is yours, the people who showed the power of the keyboard and said no to destruction of our natural heritage. Thanks, Nikki.

Nikki Roberts
7 years ago