Reliable 7 day ferry services for Gulf Harbour.

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As Gulf Harbour and the surrounding population continue to grow, the Hibiscus Coast community strongly feel that we need a more frequent and reliable ferry service through the week and to extend through to Saturday and Sunday.

If a more sufficient and frequent service were in place 7 days a week, not only would this reduce vehicle emissions and traffic on our roads but would allow the public to attend events without risking their own safety or paying a high fee to get home (especially during public and Christmas holidays).

Water transport is potentially one of the most climate friendly means of transport for the Hibiscus Coast, plus the ferry is a beautiful way to travel. As with all public transport, the ferry service MUST be reliable, frequent, and reasonably priced to encourage use as many locals rely on the ferry services to travel to the CBD for work and leisure.

Please sign and share this petition to make the Gulf Harbour ferry services integral to the wider public transport network with more efficient levels of service that can run 7 days a week.