Re-Open Clonbern Road Carpark

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Re-Open Clonbern Road Carpark

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Clonbern Carpark Petition:

Clonbern Road Upper Level Carpark was closed with no consultation with the local community. Today we launch a vital campaign to:

Re-Open the Clonbern Road Upper Level Carpark

Engineering test reports confirm Clonbern Road Upper Level Carpark is safe to be re-opened for use by cars (Weight Limit of Less than 2,500kg).

The following extract is from Consultant Engineers GHD who conducted tests on the Clonbern Road Carpark on December the 14th, 2018.

GHD Engineering:

Eight locations were load tested.

The result of these tests has been positive:

�    All locations tested for mid span bending, deflected to a maximum value of 10mm, this is within the set limits and can be considered safe.

�    All locations tested for near support shear had no failure. Couple of locations were measured for if any increase in the crack width, there was no increase in crack-width. Therefore, the carpark is safe under shear loading.

Considering the above load test results, the upper carpark can be opened. Weight of cars parked on upper deck to be limited to less than 2500kg at all times.

We the local people of the Remuera Community want the Upper Level of the Clonbern Carpark Reopened Now!


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This petition had 2 supporters

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