Auckland Transport: Increase Rodneys' Unsealed Road Maintenance Budget

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The undersigned urge Auckland Transport to increase the budget for unsealed road maintenance in Rodney and give managers more discretion in how this budget is spent to allow for solutions such as 'cap/maintenance sealing' to be used where required.

Currently only $90,000 per month is allocated to maintaining Rodney's 678km of unsealed roads which allows for only two works crews to cover this huge road network. In adverse weather events and during the winter urgent repairs to damaged roads are taking weeks because the two crews cannot cope with the amount of work required.
Maintenance Managers need the flexibility to deploy all possible solutions to unsealed roads including the ability to carry out light cap sealing of roads where this is a feasible engineering solution. Currently AT has prevented managers from using cap sealing and we believe this should change. 

We would like Auckland Transport to include an addition $90,000 per month (increasing the annual budget to $2.160million) in the 2018 Regional Land Transport Plan to allow for more crew and a more flexible and proactive maintenance program to be deployed to manage Rodney's 678km's of unsealed roads.