Glengarry Road Raised Pedestrian Crossing and Speed Calming Measures

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I am petitioning to bring attention to the issue of road safety on Glengarry Road, Glen Eden to Auckland Transport. 

The number of accidents caused by speeding cars is unacceptable and our children still cannot cross the road safely anywhere on this road. 

Glengarry Road has a retirement village, two sets of shops, bus stops for school buses and a primary school on an adjacent road.  There is no where to cross the road safely.

Auckland Transport is in charge of ensuring the safety of all pedestrian and road users including those in Glen Eden. This petition is to have speed calming measures put in place and a raised pedestrian crossing near the shops for residents to cross safely.

In a period of 7 days Glengarry Road had one fatal car accident and one child hit by a car after alighting the bus. This is in addition to the many accidents and near misses that happen on this road.

Auckland Transport needs to put road safety at the top of its list before we lose more members of our community.

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