50m Bus Lane Signage

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I recently got an infringement notice for $150 for entering a Bus Lane apparently for being over the 50m that I am allowed to use. To this day I cannot figure out how a person driving a vehicle is expected to try and work this out when there are no signs or markings on the road showing where a vehicle may enter a bus lane. I could not even see the "Bus Lane Ends" sign as it was not even facing oncoming traffic but was actually facing the buildings on the opposite side of the road. Auckland Transport you need to either put signs up or marking on the road to show the 50m limit. You have plenty of signs showing people where Bus Lanes start and finish, plenty of signs showing parking conditions etc. Because basically at the end of the day I took a guess on where I could enter a bus lane and got it wrong and now face a Fine of $150. Does that sound fair?

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