To restore Meola creek into wetlands via Chamberlain golf course

To restore Meola creek into wetlands via Chamberlain golf course

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To Restore Meola creek into wetlands via Chamberlain golf course



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Meola creek to be restored into wetlands for the following reasons:

Dangers to Meola creek:

Meola Creek/Wiatiko is one of the most polluted creeks in Auckland. Recent chemical and biological analyses carried out on water quality and sediment indicate Meola Creek is in a shocking condition and is at risk of becoming so dirty it may soon be beyond repair. This is mainly a result of the fact that 94% of the area around Meola Creek is impervious surfaces, and therefore the creek is prone to receiving chemicals and heavy metals that are devastating the fundamental ecosystem of the stream. Testimony to this the Ph level of the creek has reached almost 5 (meaning the creek is dangerously acidic). As well as this since the 1920s fish species within the creek have decreased by up to 60%.  In fact, throughout the 1800s Meola Creek was even able to sustain freshwater crayfish, however, currently, it is believed that these native species are no longer are able to survive in Waititko. Additionally, studies show that the stream often is made to endure raw sewage , due to broken sewage pipes, and overflowing drainage systems. However, The problems facing Meola creek, are not just confined to the creek itself but the Auckland harbor aswell. In fact, it is estimated that 80-100 times a year. This results in thousands of liters of polluted water entering the Waitemata harbor, thus devasting much of our sea life, as well as making our beaches unswimmable.

What can we do:

Currently, the Auckland council as well as community groups, have been replanting native trees around the creek, as well as clearing the rubbish that enters Waititko on a daily basis. However, despite the fact that over 1000 plants have been planted in the past 3 years, as well as better drainage systems surrounding the creek, as shown above, Waititko is still facing fighting for its survival. This demonstrates the urgent need for the council as well as local residents to do far more to save Wiatitiko. As a result of this, it is time for Mt Albert people, as well as the council, to step up and do more in helping to save Auckland’s creeks, beaches and harbors from pollution after decades of neglect. We believe that this should be achieved by restoring part of the Chamberlain golf course (where Meola creek runs underneath) into a wetland. We propose that 1/4 of the sprawling inner-city golf course should be reconverted into a wetland park for all of Auckland to enjoy. This would massively improve the water quality of the stream, as the many plant surfaces of a wetland act as filters, absorbing solids and adding oxygen to the water. Additionally Growing plants around a wetland remove nutrients and play a cleansing role that protects the downstream environments, as well as creating a home for our native species. This would allow for the history stream to become rejuvenated, and a remarkable testament to Auckland's city's commitment to saving our environment.

Why should you care?


As stated above, one of the most pressing reason in favor converting ¼ of Chamberlain golf course allow future generations to enjoy our beaches streams and wildlife, however, few people know that  Meola creek is a significant historical sight. In Fact, that creek is a mahinga kai site that provided food for Māori travelers, as they were able to catch seafood from Waititko. Additionally, the creek was also used as an area to gather materials, needed for survival. A testament to this Waititko is named after the flax ”periwrinkles” which is made for craftings baskets and other tools. This demonstrates that Meola creek is a historic landmark, and as a result, the People of Alber-Eden must do all they can to preserve this piece of New Zealand history. 

Finally, the Albert-Eden area has the least amount of green space in all Auckland. Due to this, if the Chamberlain golf course is converted into a wetland/park, this would create a thriving hub of 

nature in its purity for all locals to enjoy.


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