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Stop the Slaughter of Ambury Farm's Cows

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Ambury Farm has a breeding program for both beef and dairy cattle. This means that each year calves are born after the cows are bred to a bull. Cows that fail to get pregnant are sent to the meat works. Every year a group of calves are removed from their mothers after they are a couple of days old, to be raised by humans. The calves are given names and raised like pets. At approximately 7 months old most of the calves are transported to other regional parks in Auckland to be fattened for beef. They are then slaughtered after they reach about 18 months old. The females that remain at Ambury Farm are brought up for breeding purposes and if they fail to get pregnant then they are slaughtered too. Most of the cows in the herd are well used to people and are extremely friendly, they deserve to live out a natural peaceful life. There are currently more than 1200 cattle across more than 20 regional parks in Auckland. Tragically, so far at least 300 of Auckland Council’s cattle have been slaughtered within the past year.
Visitors to Ambury Farm form a bond with these lovely pets and it is upsetting that the council does not see these lives as anything more than money generators. The cattle should be allowed to stay at their current homes, or otherwise relocated to permanent homes to live out their natural lifespan. Auckland Council is wasting money on purchasing bulls and other cattle from private farms rather than keeping all of their existing cattle for grazing purposes. The council is planning on spending $900,000 of ratepayers money on purchasing additional cattle over the next year. Hopefully Auckland Council will be convinced to stop mass-breeding and slaughtering their livestock.
Auckland Council is currently reviewing their Regional Parks Management Plan, so now is a more important time than ever to let Auckland Council know that you don’t support these animals being slaughtered. As well as signing this petition, it would also make a big difference if you leave your feedback at or send Auckland Council an email at

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