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Show support for Massey Pony Club

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Massey Pony Club started this petition to Auckland Council

Massey Pony Club is at risk of losing our precious club to proposed pathways!

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We understand that cyclists and pedestrians need safe places, just as we do on our horses/ponies. We ask that the council consider re-evaluating the DRAFT plans so that both Massey Pony Club and its members are able to have a safe place to ride, while safer connections are made.


We believe:
The proposed pedestrian and cycle ways DO NOT connect communities and destinations, or provide safe travel and reduce vehicle use in West Auckland.

This draft plan concentrates pathways on the Te O Rangi Hiroa Reserve (Massey Pony Club), which does not align with the intent of creating connections, encouraging safe travel and reducing vehicle use for local trips.

There is very limited support of planned cycle/pathways in the suburbs of Sturges, Western Heights, Glendene, Sunnyvale and Te Atatu South, it is all concentrated on the Te O Rangi Hiroa Reserve area.


We suggest:
- Reduce the number of proposed paths in Te O Rangi Hiroa Reserve (Massey Pony Club). Current plans show paths wastefully circling around within the reserve, without actually connecting communities.
- Suggest ONE path on the bush side of the stream, bordering the Te O Rangi Hiroa Reserve, to connect communities and travel routes.
- This ONE cycle/footpath needs to connect to a cycle/footpath up the dangerous Birdwood Rd, to meet Don Buck Rd, and continue to the Westgate motorway, where there needs to be cycle/footpath along side the motorway to Greenhithe. BIRDWOOD RD IS A SAFETY ISSUE.
- Upgrade the bridge on Birdwood Rd to provide safe cycle/pathway for pedestrians.
- This one cycle/footpath also needs to CONNECT to the bottom of Don Buck Rd and connect up with the motorway interchange at Lincoln Rd, where there is a cycleway down the side of the motorway.
- CONNECT a cycle/pathway to Candia Rd and over the hill to Henderson Valley. CANDIA RD IS A SAFETY ISSUE.

Our History
Massey Pony Club is a 48 acre property on Glen Rd, just minutes away from Henderson, Massey, Ranui and Swanson. It begins the green belt that wraps itself around the Waitakere Ranges.

We need you to show support for youth and adult members who love being a part of our club.

Massey Pony Club, teaches the New Zealand Pony Club curriculum, and offers dressage, show jumping, mounted games and Cross-Country instruction from some of New Zealand’s most recognised Instructors.

We have a brand new world-class water jump, along with wonderful sand and rubber surface all weather arena. We hold our own events all throughout the season, and support other clubs in their endeavours.

Our facilities are used for the schooling of horses and riders at all levels. It is our vision for Massey Pony Club to become one of the leading schooling equestrian facilities in the country.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!