Make Waiheke Island Exempt from the APTR

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Waiheke Island is an Island that operates on tourism, however with the increased rates according to the new APTR and Commercial rating system recently implemented by Auckland council many accommodation providers (private as well as business) will be forced to close their doors.

Many private accommodation providers offer their homes as tourist accommodation so as to be able to afford their homes or even their retirement.

Increasing our rates is not an option as Waiheke Island is already an expensive destination and we will merely deter tourists if we go this route.

This will have a knock-on affect for the entire Island, the restaurants, the vineyards and many other businesses operating on the Island.

The funds collected by Auckland council are stated to be to promote tourism, however Waiheke Island is excluded from this as the council does not wish to promote the island further due to infrastructure issues. This clearly proves that we are paying for something we will never see the benefit of.

Comments from council have been lacking and feedback from accommodation providers have indicated that rates are set to double or quadruple for different providers, Rates are worked out on the value of your property, as a whole, even if it is only your small Bach in the back being rented out..

There are numerous reasons as to why we wish to be classified as exempt from the APTR, such as Franklin, Rodney and Great Barrier, and these are highlighted below and will all be raised in further discussions.

1. No consultation with accommodation providers.

2. The retrospective nature of the bylaw in relation to running a business.

3. No cooling down period.

4. After the council met on the 31st May to implement this, there was not sufficient time to "opt out" of the business activity. 

5. The formula is flawed

6. The wording of their document on the APTR is confusing and requires clarification

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