Bring those responsible to account for the killing of coastal Pōhutukawa in Auckland

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Auckland’s beautiful Pōhutukawa trees are being poisoned at coastal property development sites across the North Shore. 

These ~80+ year old trees are protected under the Auckland Unitary Plan, but it appears that this protection isn’t enough to save our Pōhutukawa from being poisoned and cut down to serve the profits of a few property developers.

While the Auckland Council is tasked with the protection of our Pōhutukawa, a lack of evidence is often the outcome whenever an incident is reported. This allows those responsible to walk free (most likely laughing in the general direction of their bank). (Examples: And most recently, more than seven Pōhutukawa were poisoned above Birkenhead Wharf, at Birkenhead Point.

It’s time for Auckland Council to stand up for all Aucklanders, and for the beautiful trees that have come to define our city.



Seven 80-100 year old Pōhutukawa trees have intentionally been fatally poisoned shortly after the properties were acquired. This was executed with large quantities of herbicide poured into holes drilled deep into the tree trunks. 



The private sites of 2 Tizard Rd, 2a Tizard Rd, and 4 Tizard Rd are within in a heritage listed, single housed zone, and part of Auckland’s iconic coastline. The properties were purchased in early 2017 with the new owner’s intention of building 15 apartments on the land.



Sino Dutch Development are on the title for these coastal properties (and multiple others) at Tizard Road. All their listed properties are home to Pōhutukawa, putting other trees at risk.

Sino Dutch Development directors are Guang Yong CHEN & Gerard Bernard REUTERS.



Unfortunately this petition won’t save the seven trees on Birkenhead Point. This petition is about setting a precedent: that those will be held to account for illegally killing the Pōhutukawa that make Auckland so unique and beautiful. The Auckland Council’s inaction tells developers or individuals that they can remove protected trees without consequence, then we risk our coastlines being changed forever.

Together, we can make it known that we want those responsible, held responsible.