Removing the parking time limit on Dominion Street loop, Takapuna

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Recently, a 120 minute parking time limit has been placed on Dominion Street, Puriri Street and Karaka Street in Takapuna. This is a problem for many of the older students at Rosmini College and is effectively causing a parking crisis in that area of Takapuna. For many senior students, driving is the only way they can get to school as the school buses just don’t reach some places. Driving their own vehicle is also the solution to many logistical problems which occur as a result of sporting and other extra curricular activities. I am writing this with the intention that Auckland City Council will see this, and take into account the implications their parking limit has on students as well as residents, because public transport is not always a viable option due to its unreliability and cost. The removal of this parking limit will benefit the current students and residents who do not have driveway space to park cars, but also prove beneficial for future users of this “horseshoe loop” as they can park there without the worry of receiving a fine or risk being towed.