A Skate Park for Howick

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The skate boarding and scooter community of Howick has nowhere safe to skate.

Recently their 'DIY' skate park located at Howick Bowls Club was dismantled leaving skaters nowhere to go - other than the footpaths and streets. Skaters of all ages had been using this park for over a decade.

The reason given for this decision: "It was not recognised as an offical skate park." Which is true, simply because Howick doesn't have an official park. Skaters are expected to use Barry Curtis Skate park (10km away) or Lloyd Elsmore Skate Park (3.3km away) which is in bad disrepair with rough concrete and sections chipping away making it incredibly dangerous for skaters - especially novices, and its design is unimaginative and dysfunctional.

Howick needs a real skate park. One that is easily accessible to kids, that is suitable for a range of ages and abilities, and is designed in collaboration with local skaters.

With this petition we'll show the Howick Local Board and Auckland City Council that the DIY isn't just a hang-out for surly teenagers. It was a well-loved asset that a large portion of the local community supports, and without a dedicated area like this our kids are really missing out.

We're not expecting a shiny, new multi-million dollar skate park, we're just asking for a small piece of land that the community maintains together perhaps with the help of private businesses. A return to the Howick Bowls Club would be perfect.

Please sign this petition and let's do something great for an awesome bunch of kids who want nothing more than to have some fun outside - just like we keep telling them to do.